Parish of the Cathedral of St. Alexander Nevskiy in Łódź

46 Narutowicza Str. 90-135 Łódź tel./fax: 42 633 41 69

The main church of the orthodox parish in Łódź and Łódź and Poznań diocese is the _Cathedral of St. Alexander Nevskiy in Łódź, at 56 Kilińskiego Str. It was built owing to the immense financial support of the local factory owners and the most prominent city inhabitants who adhered to Judaism, Protestantism and Catholicism. It is worth noting that none of the sponsors of the enterprise was orthodox. The church was consecrated on 29 May 1884 by Archbishop Leontiy, the ordinary of Warszawa and Chełm diocese. It is in the cathedral that most divine liturgies take place, main feast are also celebrated here.

The parish has another church - the one of St. Olga situated at 12 Piramowicza Str., just a few hundred meters from the cathedral. It was consecrated on 12 October 1898. This is the only church in Poland without paintings of saints on its walls. Instead of the copulas characteristic for orthodoxy there is a flat ceiling covered with carpet-like patterns. The history of the church is connected with the foundation of the orphanage for orthodox children whose construction began in 1896. There still exist a passage from the orphanage to the church and a door through which children came to divine liturgies. Thanks to these conveniences charges of the institution did not need to leave the building.

The church of the Dormition of the Mother of God is situated in the orthodox cemetery (Doly) in 4 Telefoniczna Str. The construction of this red brick building was initiated by then parish priest Antoni Rudlewski. The church consecrated in 1914 is most often used as cemetery chapel but there also take place prayers for the dead as well as divine liturgies at Easter, on 28 August ( the Holiday of the Dormition of the Mother of God ) and on 1 November.

Schedule of services:

  • Sunday – Divine Liturgy : 10:00
  • Saturday – Divine Liturgy: 10 :00
  • Great Feasts – 9:00, on the eve of the holiaday: 17:00